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Understanding the function of genes is the primary goal of modern biology. The development of high-throughput experimental technologies has offered us unprecedented opportunities to study the function of genes at a whole new level. Currently, one of the key challenges of utilizing the omics data is how to integrate and interpret them to generate biologically meaningful hypothesis. To tackle these important questions, our lab is interested in

  • developing accurate statistical algorithms to integrate large-scale omics data for gene function prediction.
  • Developing network-based methods to identify genes or gene modules significantly associated with diseases, such as cancer.
  • Developing computational algorithms to investigate the mechanisms and function of pre-mRNA splicing and RNA Editing.

  • Recent Publications:

  • Zhang F, Lu Y, Yan S, Xing Q, Tian W: SPRINT: an SNP-free toolkit for identifying RNA editing sites. Bioinformatics 2017. Jul 24.
  • Yin T, Chen S, Wu X, Tian W: GenePANDA-a novel network-based gene prioritizing tool for complex diseases. Scientific Reports 2017. Jan 23.
  • Dong X, Wang X, Zhang F, Tian W: Genome-wide identification of regulatory sequences undergoing accelerated evolution in the human genome. Mol Biol Evol 2016. Jul 8.

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  • About us:

    Weidong Tian
    Institute of Biostatistics,
    School of Life Sciences,
    Fudan University.
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    email: weidong.tian at fudan.edu.cn