Web Servers

LEGO server

The LEGO-server is an open-source online computational server to incorporate a newly published method, LEGO (functional Link Enrichment of Gene Ontology or gene sets), aiming at performing over-representation analysis for a list of given genes. LEGO-server supports the analysis of most model species and diverse gene sets from authoritative database including Gene Ontology, KEGG, Reactome, MSigDB, etc. Three categories of significant pathways could be generated through LEGO-server, e-LEGO, n-LEGO and traditional Fisher’s exact test, reflecting the given genes’ amount of interactions, overlapped significant genes and overlapped genes with these pathways. Compared to other prevalent tools such as DAVID, LEGO-server is more biologically reasonable in algorithm design since we consider both gene’s inequivalence and interactions in pathway, while the website appears more user-friendly with default value for most parameters. Also, the results are interpretable including a plug-in showing the characteristics and distribution of given genes and significant pathways in the network.


Human SNP Server

Tianlab Human SNP server is an all-in-one system for genetic variation analysis, which would provide you the most confidential and comprehensive report directly from custom variation data.


All you need is to submit your variation site (in either BED or VCF format), and we will:

1.    Summarizing all reported function annotations for variations in your dataset, including phenotype association, drug resistance and potential disease risk, provided alone with source database or original research;

2.    Personalized analysis for novel variations found in your dataset, focused on variations on key genes related with phenotype, drug-targeting and disease. Influence risk of variations on each gene would be reported, together with function annotation of each genes.